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We'll tell you how "what you don't know" might be hurting you.

Retirement Savings Concept

Planning for Retirement

No Matter What Your Age

Planning the retirement budget

Sometimes, all we need is to be guided in the right direction.

Financial Education is not taught in schools. Many professionals, like physicians, often complain about their lack of financial and managerial education while they were in school, even Grad School. The only way to gain knowledge, when it comes to investing your retirement dollars, is to actively seek information & education. You've found the right place. Welcome!

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Grow your investments up to 5 times your current rate.

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Unlike stocks, you can set a specific return on money you invest with others.

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What is a

Self-Directed IRA

and are they legal?

A Self-Directed IRA is just that, Self-Directed. You decide where your money goes with a variety of alternative investments that firms can’t invest in, like real estate, gold, and crypto. Bonus! There are no hidden fees from custodians and firms because they are out of the picture. You run the show and they are perfectly Legal. We like that part a lot!

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While many brokers would like to tell you that Self-directing your Retirement Fund is illegal, it is not. It’s perfectly legal. You doing your own investing makes them no money. That’s no good for them.

They also may tell you that you are “already directing” your account by choosing one of their funds or programs. It’s not the same and they know it. They are simply attempting to keep your money inside their pockets, I mean, company. While you may get to “choose” which types of stocks or which of THEIR programs your investments go into, you are always at the mercy of these custodians and their fees. It is NOT the same as Self-Directed and they know it.

In the recent past, employers set up 401ks and IRAs with banks or brokerage firms that then limit your investment options to only their approved securities (like stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds). They ultimately decide the fate of your funds. Fees are taken out regardless of whether you make money or not. Worse, they are often hidden. Most custodians of large firms get hefty commissions just for placing your retirement into specific funds, even ones with a record of losses. So, when they discourage you from investing yourself, just remember... You are their meal ticket and they don't want you or your money going anywhere.

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“Fees matter and

you’re paying them.

A 1% in fee, because of the compounding over time, cost you

TEN YEARS of retirement income. The average person thinks they’re paying less than 1% or nothing and they’re paying 3.1%, that’s 30 years of fees!”

~ Tony Robbins

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But, is a Self-Directed IRA

as "dangerous" and "complicated" as they say?

Forbes stated in an online article:

"A self-directed IRA is a type of individual retirement account that allows you to save for retirement with assets that are off-limits for conventional IRAs, including precious metals, real estate assets, and cryptocurrencies. Just beware that they are more complicated to manage and come with more additional fees than regular IRAs."

We find these statements misleading, at best. Yes, you have to do your own due diligence but wouldn’t you anyway? Keeping track of your own account is as complicated as balancing a checkbook but you can save millions in fees and that’s not a stretch. Hidden fees cost consumers trillions every year! Fees are upfront with Self Directed Custodians. They have to post them. These facts mean your retirement grows larger faster!

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We love Investments that are Secured by Real Estate.

We have found a way of Investing that helps Mickey’s House Foundation house Veterans & Timed-Out Foster Children WHILE growing your retirement with Passive Profits that EARN DOUBLE-DIGITS!

Financial planning for early retirement

Using Self-Directed Funds, we can invest securely (like a Real Estate Secured Note with a Deed of Trust) in a variety of things. But, did you know that your investments can also help others by providing housing while getting a great return? It's the best of both worlds!

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Your Investments are set and way more predictable than stocks.

More About IRAs &

How to Open One

Our education services are always available and free.

retirement plan

Plan Your Retirement

We have incredible resources, host webinars, hold events with guest speakers, and partner with companies that specialize in helping you SAVE and invest, especially within Self-Directed Retirement Accounts.

Retirement money

Let Your Money Work for You

Once you create a plan and the path you want to go down, you'll discover just how easy it is to have your money work for you... maybe even TAX FREE!

Roll into a Roth IRA and feel

the power of TAX FREE!!

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Help Others Along the Way

We created this business for the sole purpose of teaching others to save and how to get great returns by helping others, like Mickey's House Foundation.

"As a physician, the last thing I needed or wanted was to spend my off hours investing in Real Estate. I understood it but lacked the time to find deals and manage properties. When I learned I could become the bank and be secured by the real estate without the downside of being a landlord, I was pleasantly surprised. Providing housing to those in need is wonderful but earning double-digit returns while doing so gives me an incredibly blessed feeling! The balance of my account grew in months what used to take years to grow. I’m a believer! Helping others is reason enough but being blessed by it is a bonus!"

~ Kevin R.

"We didn't know what to do with our inheritance but we knew, if done correctly, we could live off of it if we could find the right investment. We felt blessed to have found a way that was not only secured by real estate but was helping a Foundation create safe places for those who served our country."

-Gary G.

"The best thing for me was I got to watch my money grow insured and secured by helping others. What a concept!"

-Karen K.

See what our Investors have to say.

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Want to find out more?

Watch these amazing videos...

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Your Investments produce High Yields yet are Insured and Secured.

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Why ROTHs are so Incredible

Have a Large

Sum to Invest?

Some people have a large sum of savings, access to a HELOC, or a lump sum of inherited money sitting in the bank somewhere. While IRA’s original contributions have to be earned (from a W-2), we have great advisors (attorneys and CPAs) who can help create entities that protect you while you earn and invest.

Piggy Bank for Savings and Money Bag

First, secure your future by speaking to an attorney at Directed IRA. They’ll help you set up a Living Trust and a will. They may advise you about the benefits of setting up other entities that protect you and your investments if you don’t have them already. After, you may choose to invest in one of our favorite nonprofit’s RE Funds earning double-digit returns backed by real estate. The choices are yours and the world is your oyster!

Those who are already retired may want to receive monthly payments, while those who have years to go can get quarterly payments automatically deposited into their accounts, free of charge.

Retirement savings

The great thing about Self-Directing is that it's structured to fit your needs.

Our Sponsor’s

Investment Program

Retirement Home

A strong support system makes things happen.

Just like how we provide you with a solid support system, our community and partners do the same for us. We are proud to partner with the following organizations:

  • Anderson Business Advisors
  • Directed IRA by Directed Trust Company
  • Mickey's House Foundation & RE Funds


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